Etched Tribal Slim Wallet



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Beautiful etched leather slim wallets designed by Sam Mangakahia of the Shaka/Hamiora Art. He has designed each wallet with a message of Courage, Strength, or Loyalty with a connection to Polynesian tribal tattoo art.

These wallets come in 3 different styles with a long lanyard included. The lanyard measures approximately at 17 inches.

Loyalty (Yellow or Salmon) - This design depicts the Hawaii state flower, the hibiscus, to represent commitment, beauty and love.

Strength (Olive or Black) - This Maori design is inspired by the hammerhead shark who possesses the qualities of unmatched strength and endurance.

Courage (Blue) - This design was inspired by the traditional Samoan tattoo called the Pe'a to represent duty and responsibility within the family.

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