Moa Pahe'e



Makahiki season, the annual festive season approximately mid-October through mid-February, was dedicated to the god Lono, patron of sports. During this time, all unnecessary work ceased, war was kapu (forbidden), and the temple services were suspended. The warriors during this off-season would play games to help their skills of hand/eye coordination, precision, aim, and patience.
Moa Pahe'e is a dart sliding game. Wood varies upon availability and is hand made into a torpedo-shaped dart.

To play the game you need:
· A Large space, open flat grassy surface is best, which was called “kahua maika”.
· 1 Moa Pahe'e
· 2 stakes (Cones may be used) set up about 8-10” apart.
· Rope, tape, chalk, or flat boards, etc. to mark the throwing line. These are about 15-20 feet away from the stakes. Distance may vary according to the level of proficiency.
· Goal is to slide the Moa in between the stakes

**Be advised we only are providing the Moa (Wood Dart).
Please note: keep Moa Pahe'e in warm climate (out of direct air conditioning or exposure to extreme cold) as the wood will contract and may cause slight cracks to appear

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