Handmade Hawaiian feathered rattles; This implement is created from the la'amea gourd and filled with plastic beads to create a rhythmic sound when shaken. The feather tops are sewn right here in our warehouse and then secured by using rattan -- work all done by hand. The "standard" color is red on the outside and yellow in the center. Prices listed are for the standard red w/ yellow center.

  • Small - $88.00 pair
  • Medium - $95.00 pair
  • Large - $103.00 pair

Custom 2 color combinations (H1TT), Solid color (H1S), Pie-cut (H1P), Multi-color (H1M), and Natural feather with Tapa center (H1N) styles are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: We do make this item in house and so please be patient as there may be delays depending on the cycle production we are in. BE ADVISED WE ARE EXTREMELY BACKORDERED, MINIMUM WAIT IS ABOUT 4 WEEKS

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