Handmade Hawaiian feathered rattles; This implement is created from the la'amea gourd and filled with plastic beads to create a rhythmic sound when shaken. The feather tops are sewn right here in our warehouse and then secured by using rattan -- work all done by hand. The "standard" color is red on the outside and yellow in the center. Prices listed are for the standard red w/ yellow center.

  • Small - $88.00 pair
  • Medium - $95.00 pair
  • Large - $103.00 pair

Custom 2 color combinations (H1TT), Solid color (H1S), Pie-cut (H1P), Multi-color (H1M), and Natural feather with Tapa center (H1N) styles are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: We do make this item in house and so please be patient as there may be delays depending on the cycle production we are in.

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